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Dr Slim Khelifi
Bariatric surgery

Dr Slim khelifi - Chirurgien esthétique Tunisie

Med Assistance offers its patients suffering from severe or morbid obesity and wishing to lose weight different types of bariatric surgery. The expert surgeon for this surgical specialty is Dr. Slim Khelifi, registered with the Tunisian Medical Association. With an experience of more than twenty five years in this field, Dr. Khelifi operates in the Cartagena Clinic, a modern clinic that meets European standards. He proposes to his patients, after having made the necessary analyses and examinations, the most progressive interventions adapted to their profiles such as sleeve gastrectomy, bypass, gastric ring and Elipse balloon. Thus, he offers them a follow-up before and after the operation to guarantee an optimal result.  Today Dr. Slim Khelifi is one of the best practitioners specializing in obesity surgery in Tunisia.

Find below a small presentation of his training and experience:

Training : 

– July 1998: Doctor of Medicine. Thesis defended on the laparoscopic treatment of vascular lithiasis
– September 1998 : Diploma of specialist in general surgery
– July 1999 : Diploma of laparoscopic surgery
– October 1999: Title of university hospital assistant
– January 2000: Appointed Assistant Hospital-Graduate at the Habib Thameur Hospital in Tunis
– February 2007: Appointed associate professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis
– University diploma in obesity surgery at the ILS Strasbourg (Professor Marescaux).
– Diploma in obesity surgery and revisional surgery (REDO) in the service of Professor Bruno Dillemans in Bruges

-Internship at the Diaconesses and Croix Saint Simon Hospital in colorectal, hiatal and parietal surgery in the department of Professor Henri Monnier.
– Internship in the laparoscopic surgery department of the Georges Pompidou Hospital with Professor Jean Marc Chevalier.
– 12 work shops realized between January 2004 and December 2009 under the aegis of Pr. Jean-Marie Zimmermann, pioneer of bariatric surgery in the world.
– Active participation in ILS, seminars and workshops organized by the Higher Institute of Laparoscopy of Strasbourg

Member of the French and Francophone society of obesity and metabolic surgery (SOFFCOMM)