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Dr Sofiène Kallel
Orthopedic surgery

Dr Sofienne Kallel - Chirurgie orthopédique

Dr. Sofiene Kallel. Orthopedic and trauma surgeon and specialist in the treatment of back and spine surgery and bone pain and fractures.

Member of the Tunisian Society of Orthopedic and Traumatological Surgery, Dr. Sofiene Kallel is our partner surgeon. He offers high quality orthopedic treatments.

Operating out of the Cartagena Clinic, Dr. Kallel offers a full range of treatment options including hip and knee surgery, foot and ankle surgery, hand and upper extremity surgery, fracture surgery, sports surgery and arthroscopy.

His philosophy is that an essential part of the treatment process begins long before the surgery. That it is extremely important to inform each patient and their family members of the many treatment options available. Using the latest techniques, his goal is for patients to return to full activity in the least amount of time possible.

– State Doctorate in Medicine Sfax, September 1993
– Residency in hospitals 1991
– Diploma in sports surgery, University of Paris VI Pierre et Marie Curie; Faculty of Medicine Pitié Salpetrière: June 1995
– Diploma of advanced studies: DEA Biological and Medical Engineering, option Biomechanics: September 1995 National School of Arts and Crafts Paris (ENSAM).
– University Diploma: Functional and surgical anatomy of the musculoskeletal system: May 22, 1995- Paris, René Descartes University
– University Diploma in Microsurgery: Paris XIII, 1996 France Assistant University Hospital in Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery October 1995.
– Associate Professor in Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery: November 2001

Professional Experiences:

– Orthopedic Surgery Department – Rothschild Hospital (department of Professor Augereau B) Nov. 93-Oct. 94.
– Orthopedic Surgery Department – Bichât Claude Bernard Hospital (department of Professor Alnot J.Y.) Nov.94-April 95.
– Orthopedic Surgery Department – Avicenne Hospital (department of Professor Masquelet A.C.) May 95- Dec. 95.
– Training seminar in tumor surgery – Rizzoli Institute in Bologna (Italy). A seminar October 1995.
– Internship in shoulder surgery with Doctor Gazielly D. Oct. 15 – Nov. 15, 1999.
– Internship at the Mayo Clinic (USA) – Department of Orthopaedic Surgery; two months from Jan. 29, 2001.
– Internship at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery of Professor Duncan C. University of British Columbia: Vancouver Hospital (Canada), March 12 – April 8, 2001.