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Dr Mazen Kallel
Infertility and gynaecology treatments

Dr Mazen Kallel - Traitement de l’infertilité et Gynécologie

Education :
1996-2001: Medical studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis
2005-2007: Training as a Gastrointestinal Surgeon at La Rabta Hospital
2009: University Hospital Assistant at the Faculty of Medicine of Tunis
2013: Associate Professor of Abdominal Surgery in Tunis
Professional experiences :
Expert in Covidien laparoscopic surgery: This minimally invasive technique allows Dr Sofiene AYADI to look at the internal organs and perform surgery without opening the abdomen.
Internships and training abroad:
Former intern in bariatric surgery at ULB University – Brussels
Former intern at the Gustave Roussy Villejuif Institute’s department of digestive carcinologic surgery – Paris
3 intensive courses in bariatric surgery at IRCAD – Strasbourg
Intensive courses in complex bariatric surgery with Dr Dilmens –Bruges

Organizes workshops on weight loss surgery in Tunis: in parallel with practicing bariatric surgery, Dr Sofiene AYADI organizes conferences and meetings on the different methods practiced in bariatric surgery.