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Tensor threads in Tunisia: what is the tensor thread technique in Tunisia?

The tensor threads (also called suspension threads) is a technique of aesthetic medicine that allows to lift and tighten the skin tissues at the level of the face without having recourse to cosmetic surgery.

It is an excellent treatment for moderate skin sagging. It is intended for people who wish to have a face lift without incisions and who have fairly toned skin.

The implantation of tensor threads is not recommended for people whose skin is too thin (risk of visibility of the threads) or too thick (risk of the skin sagging again after a while).

The tensor threads used are made of polylactic acid or polydiaxonone. They are resorbable but thanks to the stimulating action of the collagen fibre synthesis they provoke, the result lasts well beyond their resorption. The lift is thus maintained for another 6 to 12 months.

The tensor thread technique can be used alone or in combination with other treatments such as hyaluronic acid injections, botulinum toxin injections or a peel.

Fils tenseurs visage prix en Tunisie

Interventions Price
Facial tensor threads 350€

Facial tensor threads in Tunisia: what you need to know before you start

The first step before the installation of facial tightening threads is the consultation with the doctor. The latter must evaluate the characteristics of your skin in order to determine if you are a good candidate for the installation of tensor threads. Following this evaluation, the doctor will be able to determine if your expectations are realistic or not. He or she will also discuss the risks and costs of the procedure with you.

How is tensor threads is performed in Tunisia?

The implantation of the tensor threads is done in a surgery. It lasts about 1 hour.

The procedure begins with a local anaesthetic performed on different points of the face (corresponding to the entry points of the tensor threads). The threads are then inserted one by one and the doctor then adjusts the tension to obtain the desired effect.

The number of threads used depends on the extent of the sagging skin. But generally, 2 to 3 threads are needed per side of the face.

Post-operative follow-up of tensor threads in Tunisia

The installation of tensor threads is not a painful procedure.

It happens that an oedema (swelling) and a bruise appear, but they disappear quickly.

One of the advantages of the thread lift is that it is a quick treatment. The resumption of social and professional life is therefore also quick (after 3 to 4 days).

You may notice a fold in front of the ear. If this is the case, do not worry. It will disappear after 5 to 8 days.

It is recommended to avoid strong facial expressions during the first 10 to 15 days (such as yawning or chewing).

Fils tenseurs Visage Tunisie - Médecine esthétique

You can, however, proceed with the usual cleaning and make-up of your face.

The result can be seen quickly. Depending on the quality of the skin and the extent of the sagging, the result can last from 6 to 18 months.

*Disclaimer: results may vary from one person to another depending on the morphology of the patients.

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