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Med Assistance offers you the best in facial surgery in Tunisia. Long years of experience in plastic surgery, the most qualified doctors, the best equipped clinics, this is what awaits you at Med Assistance. No matter why you want to touch up your facial features (accident, old age, scars…), our team guarantees you personalized assistance and treatments. We help you make your decision by explaining what each procedure consists of, its advantages and disadvantages.

We will guide you towards the facial surgery operation in Tunisia that will allow you to obtain the result you are looking for, without impeding your comfort and well-being. Med Assistance puts at your disposal a highly qualified medical team with a great experience in the field of facial plastic surgery. To learn more, book your free consultation online.

Facial surgery Tunisia : Interventions offered by Med Assistance

As the leader in plastic surgery in Tunisia, Med Assistance offers a wide variety of facial surgeries that aim to treat the signs of aging not only on the face but also on the neck.
To help you improve your appearance and regain your self-confidence, Med Assistance offers the following procedures:

  • Facelift: or mini-facelift, aims to correct the lower face, it treats the sagging tissues of the cheeks and jowls, the contour of the face and neck while considerably reducing wrinkles.
  • Blepharoplasty: aims to reduce or even remove the tired appearance of the eyes.
  • Rhinoplasty: is the plastic surgery that aims to correct the imperfections of the nose.
  • Genioplasty : is the functional or aesthetic surgery of the chin
  • Otoplasty: aims to repair protruding ears by repositioning and reshaping them
  • Facial lipofilling: This aesthetic surgery of the face aims to inject autologous fat in the areas to give volume such as the cheekbones, the oval of the face or the dark circles.






Facial surgery Tunisia: inexpensive prices


If you are considering undergoing facial plastic surgery and are looking for the best doctors at the most affordable prices with high quality service, you can turn to Med Assistance. We offer you inexpensive prices with all-inclusive packages: pre-operation consultation, surgeon’s fees, clinic fees, hotel stay and travel in Tunisia.

Obviously, in addition to the follow-up assistance of Med Assistance, the plastic surgeon will advise you and help you choose the intervention and the technique that will be adequate to your needs and your face.

Interventions Cost Stay
Facelift Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Facial lipofilling Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Facelift + 4 eyelid blepharoplasty Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Rhinoplasty Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Ethnic Rhinoplasty Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Blepharoplasty 2 eyelids Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Blepharoplasty 4 eyelids Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Reverse Genioplasty Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Genioplasty of advancement Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis
Otoplasty Check cost here After the surgeon’s diagnosis

Does facial plastic surgery hurt?


Facial aesthetic surgery is not as painful as the pictures suggest. Many people hesitate to undergo plastic surgery for fear of pain. But really it is more a question of a certain discomfort due to the sensitivity of the face after the operation.

Nevertheless, one should not neglect the fact that everyone reacts differently even to injections and that certain factors (stress, fatigue, anxiety…) can influence the feeling of pain.

And this is where the importance of the follow-up and post-operative care lies. Our medical team remains attentive to the patient and to the evolution of his condition after the surgical act. When the need arises, the surgeons administer painkillers to relieve their pain.

Is facial plastic surgery for everyone?

Facial surgery in Tunisia covers several procedures that aim to correct a multitude of imperfections: signs of aging, deformities in the nose or ears, eyelid disgraces etc…

Facial aesthetic surgery is therefore intended for all ages, men and women, and all skin types. Our specialists are obviously there to guide and advise you according to the specificities of your skin, the morphology of your face, the change and the desired effect and thus meet your request.

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