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Men’s surgery in Tunisia is a cosmetic surgery for men concerned about their image and wishing to keep fit and embellish their appearance, the goal being to seduce, appear confident and feel better about themselves.

Nowadays, a man who takes care of his appearance and takes care of his look and shape is a man determined to succeed. In the competitive world of work, this quality is highly prized and sometimes the young and dynamic aspect takes precedence over skills. That’s why men’s cosmetic surgery is so popular right now.

Although the demands of male cosmetic surgery are different from those of women, men’s surgery can also have motivations related to the desire to please and seduce.

From baldness treatment, penis enlargement, gynecomastia and pectoral surgery, the range of choices available to men in terms of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia is diverse.

Aesthetic surgery for men Tunisia : Interventions offered by Med Assistance

Male cosmetic surgery is performed by qualified and experienced plastic surgeons. Indeed, Med Assistance makes sure to collaborate with high level clinics, using state-of-the-art techniques and a professional and discreet staff.

Whether you are looking to correct a defect, rejuvenate your appearance or correct a problem, here are the techniques we offer you:

Hair transplant

Beard transplant



Cosmetic surgery for men Tunisia low cost

If you are a man considering cosmetic surgery and are looking for the best surgeons at the most affordable prices, Med Assistance can help you. Indeed, we offer you cheap prices with all-inclusive packages: pre-operation consultation, surgeon’s fees, clinic fees, hotel stay and travel in Tunisia.

Interventions Cost Stay
Hair Transplant Check cost here 3 nights/4 days
Beard grafting Check cost here 3 nights/4 days
Gynecomastia Check cost here 4 nights/5 days
Enlargement penoplasty Check cost here 3 nights/4 days
Lengthening penoplasty Check cost here 3 nights/4 days
Lengthening and enlargement penoplasty Check cost here 3 nights/4 days
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