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Beard transplant Tunisia : Prices and techniques of beard implant

Beard transplant Tunisia: what is the installation of beard implants in Tunisia?

Beard transplantation is a cosmetic surgery for men that aims to reconstruct the beard and/or mustache.

As a symbol of virility, the beard is an asset that many men display with pride. A thinning chin can cause psychological discomfort and a lack of self-esteem in men who suffer from it.

Beard transplantation is therefore the ideal treatment for scarring alopecia, allowing men to densify the beard area and boost their self-confidence.

The principle of beard transplantation is similar to that of hair implants, i.e. hair follicles are removed (generally from the scalp) to be reimplanted in the beard area, following a well-established pattern so that the reconstruction of the beard is done in a harmonious manner.

Price beard transplant Tunisia

Interventions Price Stay
Between 2000 and 2500 grafts (1 session)
3 nights / 4 days
More than 2500 grafts (2 sessions)
3 nights / 4 days

Beard implant Tunisia: what you need to know before you start

The first step in beard transplantation is the pre-operative consultation. The doctor evaluates your general health to make sure that you have no contraindications to the beard implant. He or she will also examine your alopecia closely to assess its extent and determine the appropriate treatment.

He or she will also discuss the risks, recovery time and cost of the procedure with you.

*Disclaimer: results may vary from one person to another depending on the morphology of the patients.

How is the beard transplant done in Tunisia?

Beard implants are performed under local anesthesia. The duration of the procedure depends on the technique chosen and the extent of your alopecia, but it generally takes between 5 and 6 hours. This procedure is done on an outpatient basis, which means that you go home the same day.

A pencil mark is made on both the beard and the scalp to delimit the area to be treated (beard) as well as the area to be harvested (hair).

As with hair transplants, the doctor begins by removing the hair follicles from the skull using a small scalpel. These recovered follicles are then transplanted into the beard and/or moustache, following a pencil sketch made beforehand.

The number of sessions required for a beard transplant depends on the case. It should be noted that the transplant sessions should generally be spaced at least 6 months apart.

Greffe de barbe Tunisie- Chirurgie Homme Tunisie
  • The beard transplant is a painless procedure that does not leave any scars. An edema (swelling) may still appear in the hours following the procedure. It usually disappears after 2 to 4 days.     

    Small scabs will form on the grafted area in the first few days. They will fall off after 7 to 10 days.     

    You will be allowed to wash your face and hair from the third day after the procedure.

    If you notice that your beard takes on a pinkish tone during the first few weeks, do not worry, this is completely normal. It will return to normal color after 2 to months.

    The final results can be seen after one year.

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