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Procedure Cost
Artificial insemination without a stay Check cost here
Artificial insemination with a stay Check cost here

Artificial insemination is a technique used to help individuals get pregnant. It is recommended when the sperm cannot reach the oocyte (egg) and fertilize it.

It is performed by introducing semen into a woman’s uterus, using a small tube. You may decide to use artificial insemination if you already undergone various tests to determine the cause of this infertility.

This technique is recommended mainly for moderate sperm disorders in men or problems in the woman’s cervical mucus preventing sperm migration.

It is performed 36 hours after ovulation starts. The pregnancy rate for women who have undergone artificial insemination is a maximum of 15% per cycle. This rate doubles when couples are hypofertile. The success rate of artificial insemination decreases with age: less than 15% at age 38 and barely 5% at 42.

*Disclaimer: results may vary from one person to another as appropriate.

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