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What are the advantages of a plastic surgery clinic in Tunisia?

Before choosing a cosmetic surgery clinic, there are several things you should consider. If you are planning to go to a clinic for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, here are 3 things you need to know before you go:

The first factor you need to choose when you go to the clinic for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia is the surgeon. The surgeon is the most important because an experienced and skilled surgeon can produce the best results. It is important to choose a surgeon with a good reputation and training.

The second thing you need to consider when going for cosmetic surgery is the clinic. How experienced is the clinic in the field of cosmetic surgery? The experience time of the clinic can help you know if the clinic will be able to meet the requirements of the patients.

The last thing you should ask for when you go to the clinic for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia is the operating room. The operating room should be well equipped because this can help the surgeon work more efficiently and safely for you.

Why choose a plastic surgery clinic in Tunisia?

Our cosmetic surgery clinics in Tunisia are one of the most recognized in the field of medical tourism in Tunisia, with our plastic surgeons and our staff chosen on the basis of excellence and dedication to patient service.

You will have at your disposal a medical and paramedical team of a recognized competence ensuring a regular and continuous follow-up of the patients in order to guarantee the necessary assistance and care. This team will make sure that your stay in Tunisia for cosmetic surgery will take place in excellent conditions.

How is the admission to a cosmetic surgery clinic in Tunisia?

Our three cosmetic surgery clinics in Tunisia are Clinique les Jasmins, Clinique Pasteur and Carthagène. The clinic admits its patients in a personalized way to direct them to the care units and/or exploration centers concerned as quickly as possible and in the best conditions. The patient file is computerized and secured to guarantee the medical professional secrecy and the personal data of the patients. The clinic’s hospitalization rooms can be individual, Comfort, Suite or VIP.  

Having at heart to ensure your medical care and your well-being throughout your stay in Tunisia, we guarantee a stay in a clinic expert in cosmetic surgery, with many years of experience.

Operating rooms and centers

Operating theatres allowing surgical interventions of any nature, such as :

*Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery
*General surgery
*Endoscopic surgery
*Laparoscopic surgery
*ENT surgery
*Pediatric surgery
*Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery


Radiology Center

*Silent MRI
*Dual energy scanner
*Remote control table
*Two bone-lung tables

Other services and centers:

*Cardiac explorations
*Neurophysiological explorations
*Ophthalmologic and laser explorations
*Medical analysis laboratory
*Urodynamic explorations
*Day hospitalization rooms
*Lasik and refractive surgery
*Nutritional and aesthetic coaching

The different types of plastic surgery performed in Tunisia

Cosmetic surgery can be done in several types. Among these types, we have the following:

Cosmetic surgery of the body

Body contouring surgery is also known as liposuction or lipoaspiration. This type of cosmetic surgery will be used to remove fat in areas that are difficult to reach by other means.

Bariatric surgery

Weight loss surgery may be necessary for people who want to lose weight quickly. Surgery can help to lose weight quickly and effortlessly. Cosmetic surgery can also be used to modify the body to look more attractive.

Anti-aging surgery

Anti-aging surgery can help rejuvenate the body and improve the appearance of the body. Anti-aging surgery can also help rejuvenate the face, neck and skin.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Facial cosmetic surgery can be used to improve facial features. Cosmetic surgery can be done for people who want to have a better and more attractive face.

Breast surgery

Breast surgery can help increase the size of the breasts. Women who suffer from small breasts cannot get a more attractive breast through surgery.

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