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Your Health is Our Priority

Med Assistance collaborates with the best doctors and surgeons in Tunisia to provide its patients with high quality services and cares

Highly Qualified Plastic Surgeons

Our team of highly qualified plastic surgeons offers both aesthetic cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery

Your health is  our priority

Med Assistance offers more than 40
interventions at unbeatable prices.
Our goal: to advise you, assist you, to provide you with the best care during a
medical stay 5 stars and make sure your

Génoplastie Tunisie chirurgie esthétique du visage

Plastic Surgery in Tunisia

Med Assistance is a Leading Medical Tourism Company

Med Assistance offers affordable plastic surgery procedures. With prices far less than the competition (50% lower than in Europe) and with equal results, Tunisia is a leading destination for medical tourism.

We offer patients from around the world full support for their medical stay. The goal is to simplify the arrival of patients by offering them hospitality, transportation and accommodation in the most prestigious hotels in the Tunisian capital, Tunis. We also offer insurance and guarantees.

Med Assistance offers a wide range of interventions relating to different specialties: cosmetic and reconstructive surgerydental surgeryorthopedic surgerybariatric surgeryhair transplantationophthalmology and infertility treatment.

They trusted us

View testimonies of our patients following their cosmetic surgery at our partner clinic in Tunisia.

Dylan Thiry (Star of Princes and Princesses of Love)

Testimony of Mireille

Testimony of Asia

Testimony of Imene


Augmentation mammaire par prothèses rondes
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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation sometimes referred as “breast aug” or a “boob job” is the gold standard surgery in Tunisia.

From 2200 €
Abdominoplastie - Chirurgie du ventre
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Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric (weight loss) surgery is for extremely overweight patients. It is recommended for obese adults (those with a BMI greater or equal to 35 kg/m2) or for severely obese adults (those with a BMI greater or equal to 45 kg/m2). Weight loss surgery is the most effective way to lose a lot of weight. Depending on your needs, we will recommend you the right procedure: gastroplasty (gastric banding), sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass.

From 3200 €
Traitement de l'infertilité Tunisie
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Infertility Treatment

Thousands of European and African couples have chosen Tunisia to help them conceive. MED Assistance has selected the best obstetrician-gynaecologists in the country to help you procreate. Three kinds of treatments are generally requested: artificial insemination with partner sperms, in vitro fertilization and testicular biopsy.

From 1000 €
Tourisme médical en Tunisie
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Body Contour Surgery

Body contouring is a cosmetic surgery that can improve the appearance of different parts of the body, depending on what you want: reducing fat in the belly, thighs or hips or making the arms, thighs or buttock more slender.

From 1700 €
Injection PRP visage - Médecine esthétique Tunisie
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Facial Surgery

A facelift tightens loose and saggy skin on the face and neck. This facelift will make you look 10 years younger and is extremely beneficial in boosting your overall well-being. It also involves surgeries for cosmetic or other reasons on the nose, eyelids, chin or ears.

From 1600€
Augmentation mammaire par prothèses rondes
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Breast surgery

Whether it is to enlarge, reduce, correct or lift your breasts, there is a cosmetic breast surgery technique to meet your needs.

From 2000 €


Med Assistance collaborates with the best doctors and surgeons in Tunisia to provide its patients with high quality services and cares

Dr Thouraya Jaouadi - Chirurgie dentaire Tunisie
Doctor Thouraya Jaouadi

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr Hassen Ben Jemaa : chirurgien esthétique Tunisie
Dr Hassen Ben Jemaa

Plastic Surgery

Dr Atef Ghedira - Chirurgien esthétique Tunisie
Doctor Atef Ghedira

Plastic Surgery

Dr Narjes Hamri - Chirurgien esthetique Tunisie
Doctor Narjes Hamri

Plastic Surgery