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Cosmetic surgery Tunisia : All inclusive stay

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Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia: hospital tourism, simplified procedures and reduced costs

Based in Tunisia, Med Assistance is a medical tourism clinic that specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. To this end, Med Assistance organizes your operations in Tunisia and offers you medical stays with all-inclusive rates (the intervention, the surgeon’s fees, the hotel stay). 

What are the cosmetic surgery procedures offered by Med Assistance in Tunisia?

The operation of the clinic: what are the steps of a cosmetic surgery in Tunisia?

*The first thing to do is to send a request to the clinic. This is done by filling out one of the forms available online.
*A consultant will then contact you. She will ask you to specify the type of procedure you are interested in and will ask you questions about your general health (surgical history, allergies, smoking habits, number of deliveries…). She may also ask you to provide photos (depending on the procedure you want). Your file will then be sent to the surgeon for diagnosis. 
*An approximate estimate will be sent to you.

*The next step depends on the surgeon’s response. If he agrees to the surgery, you will be contacted again to confirm your surgery and set the date of arrival. 
*The final estimate will be communicated to you.
*On the day of your arrival in Tunisia, Med Assistance will welcome you at the airport and ensure your transportation to the hotel. We will also ensure your transportation between the clinic and the hotel, as well as for the pre-operation consultation (the day before the operation), for the operation and for the post-operation consultation (48 hours after). 
*During your convalescence, a coordinator will be at your disposal. If necessary, a nurse will visit you at the hotel.
*On the day of your departure, we will also ensure your transportation to the airport.

The most requested cosmetic surgery operations

To guarantee the success of your cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, Med Assistance puts at your disposal the most competent Tunisian surgeons and the best equipped medical facilities. We also offer you advice and guidance both in your choice of the type of cosmetic surgery to opt for in Tunisia, and throughout your medical stay in Tunisia.

If you are a medical tourist wishing to have a cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, and you are looking for a reliable clinic, offering very good services at cheap prices, Med Assistance is your clinic.

Who can benefit from cosmetic surgery in Tunisia?

Recourse to cosmetic surgery in Tunisia can be motivated by purely aesthetic needs, or repair. 

– Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia aims to correct and improve the appearance of a person for purely aesthetic purposes. People who have recourse to these operations wish to achieve a rejuvenation, an enhancement or a beautification of one or more areas of the face and/or figure (nose, cheeks, neck, chin, chest, stomach, thighs, buttocks …).

– Reconstructive surgery aims to correct birth defects, fill in lost volume and repair post-operative scars. It is a necessary step to regain one’s physical integrity following the treatment of a malformation, removal of a tumor or any other surgical procedure that causes visible after-effects.

Whether your recourse to cosmetic surgery is motivated by a concern for aesthetics or repair, cosmetic surgery in Tunisia can boost your comfort, your well-being and your self-esteem.

A high quality of services and an advantageous geographical position

Tunisia is a North African country whose economy is essentially based on tourism and agriculture. This country, advantageously located in the Mediterranean basin, is known for the quality of the health services offered in its numerous private establishments. This leads more and more medical tourists to be interested in the offers of the different health centers and clinics in Tunisia. Added to this is the geographical proximity of the country which attracts more and more European medical tourists, particularly from France.

From aesthetic medical care to cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, Med Assistance offers a wide range of surgical and non-surgical procedures, with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve the rejuvenation, beautification and well-being you seek.

Med Assistance is committed to providing you with the best cosmetic surgery services available in Tunisia in order to satisfy all your expectations, whether they concern a reshaping of the silhouette, a beautification of the face, an augmentation of the breasts or buttocks or a treatment of the signs of ageing.

As a specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the body and face, Med Assistance offers a wide range of procedures from facial surgery to intimate surgery, including body contouring and hair transplantation. 

Whether you are thinking of having a facelift, breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, liposuction, or any other cosmetic surgery procedure in Tunisia, Med Assistance is committed to accompanying you and guaranteeing that your cosmetic surgery operation in Tunisia will take place under the best possible conditions.

The advantages of medical tourism in Tunisia

A real fashion phenomenon, cosmetic surgery in Tunisia is experiencing unprecedented success. Indeed, more and more people are turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their figure, improve their appearance or treat a physical defect. Medical tourism in Tunisia represents a perfect response to this growing demand from people wishing to achieve their ideal of youth and beauty.

Best plastic surgeons in Tunisia

Med Assistance is a medical tourism clinic whose main role is to facilitate your stay for cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. In addition to organizing the entire trip for you, we offer to accompany you throughout the various stages of your stay and to put you in touch with the ideal surgeon for your operation.

In order for you to benefit from the knowledge of well-trained doctors, whose professionalism, expertise and reputation are no longer in doubt, Med Assistance ensures that it works with the best Tunisian surgeons. This ensures that our clients receive high quality care and services, as these doctors are chosen following a selection process involving a thorough review of their career and the quality of their interventions. 

The surgeons with whom we collaborate have extensive experience and offer the most appropriate treatment for each patient. They use the most advanced techniques to guarantee an optimal and satisfactory result.

Dr Hassen Ben Jemaa

Plastic surgeon in Tunisia

Dr Thouraya Jaouadi

Dental Surgery

Dr Narjes Hamri

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Dr Atef Ghedira

Cosmetic and reconstructive surgery

Cheap rates and all-inclusive packages

Wishing to offer its patients reliable cosmetic surgery procedures at low prices, Med Assistance offers its foreign patients a complete care of their stay in Tunisia: from reception to transportation, including accommodation in prestigious hotels. 

The prices we offer are the most competitive. Indeed, we offer all-inclusive packages, including hotel accommodation, travel arrangements and your intervention. Med Assistance offers you one of the best quality/price ratios in Tunisia.

Want to get an idea of the cost of your medical stay? You will find below the price list of the various surgical procedures offered by Med Assistance.

Interventions Price
Breast augmentation with breast prostheses
Buttock augmentation by buttock implants
Buttock lipofilling with multi-zone liposuction
Bodylift (abdominoplastie + lifting des fesses)
Lifting face
From 2200€ onwards
From 1700€ onwards
Sleeve gastrectomy
Hair transplant
From 1500€ onwards

Med Assistance : your plastic surgery clinic in Tunisia

When one wants to have an operation in Tunisia, a number of questions and concerns may arise: what are the risks involved? What can be modified and what cannot? Which techniques should be used? What is the cost and duration of an intervention? How long do the results last? 

Knowing how to choose your cosmetic surgeon, the type of procedure corresponding to your situation and the establishment where your cosmetic surgery in Tunisia will take place are all difficult choices to make with peace of mind.

Med Assistance puts at your disposal its medical advisors to answer all your questions about cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. Our clinic is committed to accompanying you by offering you the appropriate advice in order to guarantee you the best results, while ensuring the safety of the aesthetic interventions for which you opt.

You can contact us and ask all the questions that cross your mind about cosmetic surgery in Tunisia. Our medical advisors are at your disposal to guide you throughout your stay in Tunisia for cosmetic surgery.

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