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Profiloplasty Tunisia : What is a profiloplasty and who is it for ?

Facial cosmetic surgery allows for a remarkable erasing of the various marks of facial aging.

These operations act on eyelids that fall down over the years, bags that appear under the eyes or skin that becomes loose on the jowls and neck.

What is profiloplasty in Tunisia?

Also known as facial profile cosmetic surgery, it allows the patient to acquire a better balance of the face for the benefit of a harmony at the level of its global profile by the practice of several acts of facial cosmetic surgery during the same operating time.

Indeed, a man or a woman can sometimes have a profile that is more or less disharmonious due to several causes responsible for facial aesthetic defects such as a more or less marked congenital malformation or a simple disharmony on the different structures of the face without being associated with an underlying pathology.

Profiloplasty in Tunisia : Cheap price

The price of a profiloplasty surgery in Tunisia and medical profiloplasty depends on the interventions included in the procedure. 

It should be noted that profiloplasty surgery in Tunisia is not reimbursed by social security.  

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After the surgeon's diagnosis

Why undergo a profiloplasty operation in Tunisia?

Profiloplasty is recommended for a man or a woman who wants to get rid of a deformity in the nose that has been accentuated by a more or less forward chin.

The main indication for profiloplasty is an unsightly nose shape that is not in harmony with the facial features.

Moreover, the appearance of the chin always accentuates such a deformation and creates a sensation of a “forward nose” for which simple rhinoplasty is insufficient, requiring the chin to be moved back to perfect the aesthetic effect obtained.

What operations are performed during a profiloplasty procedure in Tunisia?

The term “profiloplasty” refers to a set of surgical or medical methods that allow for an improvement in the profile of the face.

In practice, the surgical procedures consist of genioplasty (aesthetic surgery of the chin) and rhinoplasty (aesthetic surgery of the nose).

In order to act on slight forms, the acts of aesthetic medicine can sometimes be sufficient: the injections of hyaluronic acid which take place in the office of the aesthetic doctor give a spectacular and very natural result.

Procedure of the profiloplasty operation in Tunisia

*Pre-operative consultation

During the consultation appointment prior to a profiloplasty procedure in Tunisia, the plastic surgeon performs a thorough clinical examination in order to analyze the different levels of the face:

*The forehead: the upper part of the face;
*The nose: the middle part of the face;
*The mouth and the chin: the lower part of the face.

It is by virtue of the results of this clinical assessment that the specialist surgeon can determine the different techniques to be used in order to obtain an aesthetic effect that is both the most harmonious and the most natural possible.

Profiloplastie en Tunisie

*Profiloplasty procedure in Tunisia

The profiloplasty operation is performed under general anesthesia and can last between 1 and 4 hours within the framework of a 24 to 48 hour stay in the clinic.

In practice, this surgery is performed in two distinct phases:

*The nasal phase: rhinoplasty to regain its beauty

The plastic surgeon begins by making an incision inside the nose, in each nostril, to access the nasal structure and reshape it according to the defect to be corrected:

*Reduce the hump.
*Refining the tip of the nose.
*Reduction of a nose that is too long or too wide.
*Correction of a deviated nose.
*Improving the appearance of the bridge of the nose
*Removing or stretching the tip of the nose.
*Reconstruction of the entire nose in terms of tissue, mucous membrane, cartilage and bone structure.

*The mentoplasty phase: genioplasty to reshape the appearance

The specialist surgeon approaches the chin through an incision hidden inside the mouth at the level of the lower gum line or discreetly under the chin.

In order to advance a chin known as “receding”, the plastic surgeon inserts a chin prosthesis by choosing between a silicone or Medpor implant.

Both types of this medical device provide a remarkable result and the choice varies according to the aesthetic defect to be corrected and the needs of the patient.

The chin prostheses also have several shapes: central or with small side wings…

The surgeon places the chin prosthesis in a custom-made box on the lower jaw bone. In practice, the device is concealed by the thickness of the fat and muscles of the chin.


Sometimes a non-invasive procedure is sufficient to correct the profile defect: “medical profiloplasty”.

The “profiloplasty without surgery” is an act of aesthetic medicine that combines medical rhinoplasty and genioplasty to beautify the face by injections of hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin for a subtle modification of certain facial regions, profile and face.

The aesthetic doctor respects the proportions of the entire face and the sex of the patient to simply rebalance the face with a result that can last up to 18 months.

During the initial stages, the patient must avoid any effort that could cause secondary bleeding.

As a rule, this operation is not painful.

Swelling and bruising of the neck are common and persist for 8 to 10 days.

A sensitivity problem on the chin resolves after a few weeks.

On the nose, a protective splint is applied for 8 days.

Complications related to the surgical procedure of profiloplasty are actually exceptional:

A hemorrhage that can be treated by a pressure dressing or a “recovery” in the operating room ;

An infection that can be treated by drainage and antibiotic treatment;

A hematoma that may require evacuation under local anesthesia.

The result of the profiloplasty is definitive after 4 or 6 months.

The advancement of the chin by insertion of a prosthesis or injections of hyaluronic acid allows a restoration of the harmonious proportions of the face and sublimate the aesthetic effect of the rhinoplasty.

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