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Bichectomy Tunisia : The removal of the balls of bichat

Hollow cheeks or too round cheeks, it’s a little thanks to nature.

It’s not because of weight gain or wrinkles that set in, but rather because of a ball of fat located on the cheek. And it is according to its size that it is possible to have hollow cheeks, too round or simply perfect.

In order to obtain a suitable cheek volume, cosmetic surgery offers a solution that allows to reach such an objective: the bichetomy.

Bichat balls: What is it?

A bichat’s ball is located on the cheeks, behind the chewing muscles up to the temples and in the shape of a fatty mass on the superficial and deep muscles that facilitate the chewing of food.

A bichat’s ball gives children a soft and round face and it usually fades during adolescence.

Bichectomy in Tunisia: Price of the removal of the balls of bichat in Tunisia

The price of a bichectomy in Tunisia is 1700€. The price of a bichectomy in Tunisia depends on its association with other facial surgeries such as blepharoplasty or injections.

Interventions Price Stay
According to the surgeon's diagnosis

What is a bichectomy in Tunisia? What changes during the removal of Bichat balls?

Bichectomy in Tunisia is the removal of the Bichat’s balls – fatty tissue structures that are found under the cheekbones.

As a child, the function of the Bichat’s balls is to stuff the muscles of the face by sucking milk so that these muscles do not collide. As we grow up, we lose the function of the Bichat ball

Bichat’s balls removal surgery in Tunisia is a facial cosmetic surgery that treats the cheeks. It consists of a reduction and not total extraction to sculpt the face by making the cheeks hollow in order to erase the doll-like curves.

In addition to the aesthetic indication, we now recommend bichectomy for functional reasons. This facial surgery in Tunisia is indicated for patients who bite their face excessively during daily activities, such as eating.

Objective: to display a more mature face with better defined cheekbones, hollowed cheeks and a more prominent jawline.

Bichectomie Tunisie : Ablation de boules de bichat

Bichetomy in Tunisia: For which patient?

The main advantage of bichetomy is the structure and shadows of the face: this procedure is indicated to eliminate the roundness of childhood.

*To harden a too round face.
*To mark a jawline that is not very visible.

Bichetomy in Tunisia: How does it work?

Bichectomy in Tunisia is a relatively simple procedure usually performed by cosmetic or maxillofacial surgeons. They are usually performed under local anesthesia, although they can also be performed under sedation.

The consultation

A clinical check-up and a blood test are to be performed by the patient in accordance with the prescriptions of the cosmetic surgeon to rule out any contraindication related to cancer or a health problem.

The plastic surgeon conducts a thorough medical examination to give a personalized diagnosis on the possibility of the removal of bichats balls in Tunisia according to the skin characteristics of the patient.

The surgery

Access is through the inside of the mouth. The cosmetic surgeon makes a short incision of 20 mm on the inside of the mouth in the area near where the fat ball is usually located in order to eliminate a more or less important quantity of Bichat balls.

Then he applies absorbable stitches to facilitate the healing of the surgical wounds.

In practice, this operation lasts between 30 and 50 minutes under local anesthesia during an outpatient stay in a clinic.

Depending on the pain, simple analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs are administered to the patient.

During the first few days and after the appearance of the cheeks, a slight inflammation on the inner area of the cheeks as well as minimal pain is felt when eating or chewing.

Sometimes, some bruising on the lower cheeks is localized.

The patient must follow a diet and avoid any physical activity that may cause a rise in temperature or exposure to the sun for 1 week.

3 months are necessary to visualize the final aesthetic result of this surgery.

The removal of the balls of bichat in Tunisia is an adapted and effective act which makes it possible at the same time to refine and harden the face through the improvement of its contours and to bring more harmony to the features of the face and the silhouette.

Those who already have very high and obvious cheekbones are generally not indicated for bichectomy surgery. An evaluation by a trained dentist or physician is necessary for a better diagnosis, but these patients are generally not candidates for a bichectomy, as it will further emphasize this area.

Bichectomy in Tunisia can make the face thinner and more symmetrical.

If your goal of bichectomy is aesthetic, surgery can indeed be the solution. Bichectomy surgery in Tunisia makes the face look thinner and more elongated, and also more symmetrical.  Since surgeons perform a partial removal, more experienced professionals may be able to measure a larger removal on one side than the other to compensate for any previous asymmetry.

As with most surgeries, a bichectomy carries the risk of swelling and pain in the area where the Bichat balls were removed. The good news is that these effects can be easily controlled with medication. However, there are even more serious risks. Facial nerve damage can occur. These injuries lead to paralysis, bleeding, damage to the parotid ducts, facial asymmetry and infection. For these reasons, talk to a dentist you trust before making an informed decision about a procedure!

One of the main concerns of bichectomy is not the postoperative period itself, but the emergence of a new physiognomy over the years. After all, can the procedure make the skin more loose? We are all going to get old and then have saggy skin. However, a bichectomy will only have a negative factor with age if it is poorly indicated for the patient.

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