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The medical tourism sector in Tunisia

Tunisia for some years has decided to develop what is called medical tourism. A new market in full boom.
Tunisia welcomes more and more foreigners to perform their operations. It has become the second destination of the continent behind South Africa.

Medical tourism in Tunisia is more profitable than beach tourism. Health attracts, Tunisian experts, operations at lower cost and no visa constraints.
Tunisia received in 2018 about 500 000 foreign patients

A medical tourist or international patient is motivated in his trip by the medical care at a lower cost and the quality of services. Moreover, Tunisia is one of the most preferred destinations by European and Mediterranean customers.

Med Assistance, operating in this field of medical tourism in Tunisia, offers this service: to be the intermediary between foreign patients and clinics. The aim of this service is to establish a link of trust between the patient on the one hand and the surgeon on the other hand throughout the preparation of the stay. This allows to reduce the geographical distance.

The concept of going abroad to be operated on is based on several advantages:
The first thing is the attractive rates up to 50% cheaper than in Europe. Prices include the costs of the surgeon, the clinic and the hotel. The second positive point for some people is the anonymity
and the 3rd point is the privileged period of convalescence, the patient has time to rest after undergoing an intervention

Med Assistance : Medical tourism clinic in Tunisia

Spending a medical stay in Tunisia, offers you the advantage of being able to access to cosmetic surgery in Tunisia cheap. Indeed, with prices beating all competition (50% cheaper than Europe) and results just as satisfactory, Tunisia is a flagship destination for medical tourism.

Med Assistance is your medical tourism clinic in Tunisia which offers to patients coming from all over the world a complete management of their medical stay. Always looking for your satisfaction, we want to simplify your arrival with various services, from reception to transportation and accommodation in the most prestigious hotels of the capital.

The comfort and well-being of each patient is our priority. A member of our medical tourism clinic in Tunisia, Med Assistance accompanies you with complete confidentiality from your arrival at the airport until your departure, including the various transfers as well as admission to the clinic and hotel. With a sense of service, our team of advisors is available 24 hours a day to respond to all patient requests.

As you can see, the key to our success is the satisfaction of each of our patients!

Med Assistance offers a wide range of interventions, related to different specialties of cosmetic surgery Tunisia:

In recent years, cosmetic surgery is no longer the only reason for medical tourism in Tunisia. Patients who choose to come also for other specialties such as bariatric surgery, dental surgery, orthopedic surgery and infertility treatment

Cosmetic surgery in Tunisia : Our Values

In order to offer our patients the highest quality of care during their medical stay. Med Assistance is particularly committed to respecting :

  •  International standards for any cosmetic surgery procedure. We also want to align with the values of dignity and rights of each patient taking into account cultural diversity.
  • Our cosmetic surgeons listen to the needs of patients and their families in order to continuously improve the quality of services.
  •   To ensure safe plastic surgery under the best conditions, we are committed to fostering teamwork and free communication between staff and medical personnel. Indeed, it is essential to ensure a clean and safe professional environment, guaranteeing the best working conditions and efficiency.
  • We are able to respect the Tunisian legislation and the code of ethics of the various plastic surgery clinics in Tunisia in which we operate on the one hand, and to offer a personalized service also and a rigorous follow-up to the patient for an effective treatment before, during and after the plastic surgery from which he benefited on the other hand.

The Guarantees of our clinic of plastic surgery Tunisia

Dedicated to relieving your discomfort, our cosmetic surgery procedures in Tunisia are performed by the most competent Tunisian cosmetic surgeons in complete safety. Our clinic of medical tourism Tunisia, took the decision not to operate the patients at risk of complications and to avoid the interventions with long follow-up thus minimizing the incidence of the accidents. However, in terms of surgery, a complication must always be considered by the practitioner and the policy of MED ASSISTANCE is as follows:

In case of unsatisfactory results 

An evaluation on photos will be made. If the insufficient result is obvious, MED ASSISTANCE will be responsible for the re-intervention. Bad workmanship exists in aesthetic surgery. Legal recourse requires many years to obtain compensation. With the medical tourism clinic MED ASSISTANCE in Tunisia, there is no need to resort to the courts. We take over your intervention without delay. Our guarantee does not apply in the following conditions:

-Misrepresentation in the application form for a free consultation, especially in terms of medical history.
-Non-compliance with one of the conditions mentioned in the estimate: medical recommendations before the operation (smoking, prohibited medication…), voluntary or involuntary interruption of postoperative stay, etc…
-Non-compliance with postoperative medical recommendations made by Tunisian cosmetic surgeons.
-Breast prosthesis shells: shells are not considered as complications, but as undesirable and imponderable effects.

Validity of our guarantee

Eight months from the date of the cosmetic surgery Tunisia. These commitments are contractual and based on mutual good faith.

Modality of the management in case of re-intervention

Our guarantee covers the costs of the medical stay in Tunisia (which will not be covered only for the patient), the costs of the clinic, the fees of your surgeon and the anesthetist, the nights of hospitalization and the prostheses or the girdle if it is necessary. This coverage does not include theft or the clinic pharmacy. No guarantee is given for IVF, artificial insemination or ICSI.

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