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Chirurgiens esthétiques en Tunisie
With unbeatable prices (50 % cheaper than in Europe) and very satisfying results, Tunisia is one of the leading destinations for medical tourism.
Med Assistance is a platform providing patients coming from all over the world with full coverage of their medical stay. Our goal is to simplify patients’ arrival by offering airport welcome, transport and accommodation in the capital’s most prestigious hotels.
To guarantee that every patient gets the best possible care at the lowest cost in Tunisia, Med Assistance works very closely with well-known and modern state-of-the art clinics, including the Pasteur Clinic and the “Les Jasmins” Polyclinic, as well as with renowned doctors.
Med Assistance offers a large variety of operations, from different areas: plastic and restorative surgery, orthopaedic surgery, obesity surgery, dental surgery, capillary hair graft, ophthalmology, and infertility treatment.
To insure the comfort and well-being of each patient, a Med Assistance member will be present for the patient’s arrival date until her or his departure. They will take care of the journey from and to the airport, as well as transfers to the clinic and the hotel. They will be available at all times and will answer any of the patient’s questions.

You’ got it right; the key to our success is the satisfaction of each of our patients!

Our Values

To provide our patients with the highest quality care and services, Med Assistance strives to:

  • Respect the cultural diversity, dignity and rights of each patient.
  •   Be mindful of each patient and her/his family’s needs.
  •  Encourage teamwork and free communication.
  •   Endeavour to constantly improve the quality of its services.
  • Provide members of the medical and non-medical staff with a clean and safe professional environment.
  • Respect Tunisian law and each clinic’s code of ethics.
  • Provide patients with a personalized service and rigorous monitoring for an efficient treatment.
Chirurgie esthétique en Tunisie

Our Guarantees

Our Tunisian plastic surgery partners will not undertake operations prone to complications and which require excessive monitoring. We will also not undertake operations on high-risk patients to minimize the risk of accidents. However, in surgical terms, the practitioner will always consider possible complications. MED ASSISTANCE’s policy is as follows :

In the case of proven complication :

Our team will immediately treat the complication and put things back in order. The patient is, at first, fully taken care of in Tunisia.

In the case of an unsatisfactory result :

A picture-based evaluation will be carried out. If the failure of the operation is apparent, the follow-up intervention will be paid for by MED ASSISTANCE. Problems could occur in plastic surgery. Legal actions take years and effort before potentially obtaining reparation. With MED ASSISTANCE, there will be no need for tribunals. We will carry out the follow-up operation without delay. Our guarantee does not apply in the following situations:

False declaration in the free consultation request form, especially regarding medical history.

Non-compliance with one of the conditions mentioned in the quote: pre-intervention medical recommendations (smoking, forbidden medicine consumption…), voluntary or involuntary interruption of postoperative stay, etc.

Non-compliance with the surgeon’s postoperative medical recommendations.

Breast implant shells: shells are not considered as complications but as imponderable adverse effects.

Warranty duration :

Eight months after the operation date. These commitments are contractual and rely on mutual good faith.

Procedures in the case of re-intervention :

Our guarantee covers subsistence expenses in Tunisia (that will only be paid for the patient), the clinic fees, the surgeon’s and the anaesthetist’s fees, the hospital nights, the prostheses or girdle (if applicable). This care does not cover plane tickets or clinic pharmacy. No guarantee is given for IVF, artificial insemination, or ICSI.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another depending on the patient’s body shape.

Contact us for any further information and enjoy a high-end service and a medical stay Tunisia all-inclusive.




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