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Labia majora reduction Tunisia: what is genitalia surgery?

Genitalia reduction is an intimate surgery for women that aims to treat large lips that are too fleshy or too long. Also called labia majora hypertrophy, vulvar labia reduction is one of the genital labia surgeries, although it is less popular than nymphoplasty (genitalia minora surgery).

The labia majora are the external genitalia, i.e. those located on the visible part of the female genitalia. These are the genital lips that cover the vulva to protect it.
When the labia majora are hypertrophic, they can cause discomfort and even a complex in the woman. In fact, some women report a sensation of maceration and discomfort when wearing a bathing suit because they find that the labia majora are quite visible.

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Genitalia surgery in Tunisia: what you need to know before you start

The first step is the pre-operative check-up. The surgeon asks you questions about your general health. He will then evaluate the problem and the anatomical characteristics of your figure in order to determine the surgical technique to be used. He or she will also discuss with you the risks, recovery time and cost of genitalia reduction.

How is the surgery of the labia majora performed in Tunisia?

Genitalia majora surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes place in an operating room. It is an operation that requires a prior consultation with the anesthesiologist and does not require hospitalization, which means that you can return home the same day. Two techniques can be used, depending on the problem to be corrected:

– If it is an excess affecting the size of the genitalia, the surgeon simply removes the excess skin and mucous membrane, being very careful not to damage the vessels and nerves. The resulting scar is rarely visible because it is located along the upper lip.

– If the volume of the genitalia is too large and the lips are too thick, the surgeon performs a liposuction to remove the excess fat.
In some cases, the surgeon combines the two techniques to obtain an optimal result.

An infusion is usually performed after the procedure to prevent the patient from feeling pain.

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Operative follow-up of the labia majora in Tunisia

  • The reduction of the labia majora is a rarely painful procedure. Medication will be prescribed by your surgeon to help alleviate potential pain. Post-operative care will also be prescribed to help ensure proper healing.
  • During the days following the operation, you will have to take a daily shower and wash yourself with the soap prescribed by the doctor. At the end of the shower, you will have to dry the operated area with the help of a compress soaked in an antiseptic (betadine, biseptine…), before rinsing with saline. Finally, you will have to dry yourself again, very gently.
  • It is recommended to wear cotton panties throughout the healing period.

Possible complications

As far as anesthesia is concerned, during the consultation, the anesthesiologist will inform the patient of the anesthetic risks.

It is important to know that anesthesia induces reactions in the body that are sometimes unpredictable and more or less easy to control. The fact that we have recourse to a perfectly competent anesthesiologist, practicing in a truly surgical context, means that the risks incurred have become statistically very low.
It is important to know that techniques, anesthetic products and monitoring methods have made immense progress over the last thirty years, offering optimal safety, especially when the operation is performed outside of an emergency and on a person in good health.

As far as the surgical procedure is concerned, by choosing a qualified and competent Plastic Surgeon, trained in this type of procedure, you limit these risks as much as possible, without however eliminating them completely.

*Disclaimer: results may vary from one person to another depending on the morphology of the patients.

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