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Canthopexy in Tunisia- Foxy Eyes surgery

Over the years, beauty canons have tended to evolve. However, the “almond-shaped eyes” are still a constant and an essential sign of beauty: a charming asset that has become accessible thanks to the development of plastic surgery techniques.

What is Canthopexy?

Known as Fox Eyes surgery or Cat Eyes surgery, it allows the creation of almond-shaped eyes: a shape of the eyes that is considered perfect with an inverted oval shape that the outer extremities are both subtly ascending and carved in the shape of a point.

It is a structure that gives the eye a soft and feminine shape due to the high and low edges of the iris that do not leave any white space. The tapered shape prevents the iris from being able to appear completely.

Canthopexy : Prices in Tunisia

To make a canthopexy, the price in Tunisia is attractive and is much cheaper than in Europe. The price of this cosmetic surgery for the eyes includes all the expenses of the stay (transfers, the stay at the clinic and the hotel, the operating block and the expenses of the surgeon).

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Interventions Price Stay
Canthopexy (Fox eyes/ Cat eyes)
After the surgeon's diagnosis
Canthopexie Avant /Après

Canthopexy Before/After

Canthopexy: For which patient?

Canthopexy in Tunisia is an operation perfectly recommended for a patient who wants to change the shape of his eyes and who is tired of always using ephemeral subterfuges such as makeup or botulic acid injections. Objective: to replace the round and droopy eyes and the sad or aged look and to give the eyes an almond shape.

A failed Blepharoplasty operation is also an indication for an external canthopexy operation. This aesthetic eye surgery consists of lifting the outer corner of the eye in order to subtly correct a slightly drooping eyelid with a very remarkable effect.

Canthopexy: How does it work?

The plastic surgeon proceeds by making an incision in one of the horizontal folds of the upper eyelid: a location that will create a very inconspicuous scar. It is through this incision that the surgeon will be able to access the external canthal tendon and place it slightly higher than the internal canthus.

At the end of the operation, the incisions are closed with very fine threads.

This operation is most often associated with other surgical procedures to correct sad, dull or tired eyes, such as blepharoplasty, which allows you to have a brighter and more radiant look. It is an operation to correct drooping eyelids and eye bags.

Lipofilling to correct dark circles and bags by injecting a small amount of fat.

The cervico-facial lift to rejuvenate the face and neck.

The operation of canthopexy in Tunisia can last 1 hour on average and takes place under general anesthesia during an ambulatory stay in a clinic.

After this operation, swelling and bruising of the eyelid may persist for a few days.

A feeling of tension on the eyelids, watery eyes, difficulty closing the eyes and reduced vision are common during the first few days.

Canthopexy in Tunisia: When is the result definitive?

The first results of the canthopexy are visible 2 weeks after the intervention. As for the final result, it is assessed after 6 months.

It should also be noted that the eyes may be asymmetrical for 3 to 4 weeks after the operation.

Risks of Canthopexy

As with any cosmetic operation, there can be some type of risk. In the case of canthopexy, the major risk is that of asymmetry. For this reason, cosmetic surgeons generally recommend using this technique for reconstruction rather than cosmetic rejuvenation. A touch-up operation may also be indicated at some point for patients who are still young, as the skin tends to lose its elasticity with aging.

It is important to use a doctor who has a thorough knowledge of the orbital region, such as an oculoplasty surgeon. Surgical procedures and non-surgical eyebrow lifts are among the gentle procedures that can achieve a result quite similar to Fox eyes for younger patients.

Canthopexie Tunisie : Fox eyes chirurgie

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