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Procedure Cost Stay in Tunis
Gastric bypass Check cost here 4 nights / 5 days

Gastric bypass is a surgical technique that consists of short-circuiting a large part of the stomach by reducing it to a small pouch, thus reducing the amount of food eaten, but also its absorption by the body.
Mini gastric bypass is a faster and easier variation of the standard Gastric bypass surgery, taking less than 1 hour to perform. You can expect to lose 70% to 75% of your excess weight, which corresponds to a weight loss of approximately 35 to 40 kg*.

Day of Surgery

Bypass Tunisie - opération bypass gastrique

The procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours and the length of hospital stay is 5 days. This laparoscopic surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and involves making 5 small cuts in your abdomen, ranging from 5 to 12 mm in length. The scope, various instruments and forceps needed to perform gastric section are inserted through these incisions.

The operation involves dividing your stomach into a large bottom section and a small upper section (called the gastric pouch) where the food will go. It can hold only about 25 ml of food.

Unlike gastric band surgery, it is an irreversible procedure. Your surgeon connects a small part of the small intestine to a small hole in your pouch (your new stomach), thus creating a bypass (“short circuit”).

After your surgery
– For the first few hours or so, you will only be allowed to eat liquid foods and you can start moving around quickly, probably the same evening.
– The morning after surgery, you can drink and eat a light lunch.
– Postoperative pain is usually mild, and requires only routine pain relievers.
– We recommend light activity once you’re back home. You may go back to work after 3 to 4 weeks and gradually resume strenuous activity 1 month post-surgery*.
– The 1st month, you must follow a liquid diet. During the first 15 days of the 2nd month, food will be pureed and taken at regular intervals. The next 15 days: The food will be chopped, split (6 times a day), at regular intervals and in small quantities. From the 3rd month on, you can eat a solid and varied diet, but make sure you always chew well*.
Disclaimer: Results may vary from one person to another depending on the patient’s body shape.

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