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Doctor Narjes Hamri

Dr Narjes Hamri

Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery
Dr Narjes Hamri - Chirurgien esthetique Tunisie

Dr. Narjes Hamri is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetics registered with the Tunisian Medical Council under the number 10943. Through aesthetics and science, she has created art in plastic surgery, and precision and attention to every detail are her philosophy. Her sense of beauty is unmistakable, and the certificate for her work are the satisfied patients in Tunisia and abroad.

She is a graduate in Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic & Hand Surgery. With over sixteen years of experience, she has practiced reconstructive, aesthetic and plastic surgery in some of the most prestigious hospitals and clinics in Tunisia and France.

Dr. Narjes Hamri’s skills and talent have been highly recognized through her satisfied patients in Tunisia and abroad

She has demonstrated professionalism in the different interventions of face, body, breast and hand surgery and burns that she practices.

Training :
– Diploma of doctorate of state in medicine (faculty of Sousse)
– Diploma of specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive, Aesthetic and Hand Surgery
– Diploma in microsurgery
– Registered with the Tunisian Medical Council under number: 10943
– Member of the Tunisian Society of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
– Member of the Tunisian Society of Hand Surgery

Professional experiences :

University hospitals of Tunis and Sousse (2004- 2008)
– Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
– Surgery of the Hand
– Major burns
University hospitals of Paris (2008- 2014)
– Department of reconstructive, plastic and aesthetic surgery (Hôpital Saint Louis)
– Hand surgery department (Victor Hugo clinic)
– European Institute of Aesthetic Surgery in Boulogne
– Louvre Clinic
– Saint Geneviève Clinic
– Elysée Montaigne Clinic
– Alma Clinic

Before/after Abdominoplasty in Tunisia : Dr Narjes Hamri

Photo Avant/après abdominoplastie Tunisie
Photo Avant/après Liposuccion lipofilling fesses abdominoplastie
Photo Avant/après Abdominoplastie Tunisie
Photo Avant/après Dr Hamri : Abdominoplastie tunisie

Before/After Breast Augmentation in Tunisia : Dr Narjes Hamri

Avant/après augmentation mammaire Tunisie
Photo Avant/après augmentation mammaire prothèses rondes Tunisie
Avant/après augmentation des sein Tunisie
Photos avant/après d'augmentation des seins sous muscles Tunisie

Before/after breast lift in Tunisia : Dr Narjes Hamri

Photos avant/après lifting mammaire Tunisie
Lifting et augementation mammaire en Tunisie : avant/après

Before/after Liposuction/Lipofilling of the buttocks in Tunisia : Dr Narjes Hamri

Photo avant après liposculpture lipofilling fesses Tunisie
Lipofilling fessiers Tunisie
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