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Senior Citizen Retirement Home


People with a slight loss of autonomy who can go out on their own or accompanied – Nurse supervision

We are here to make your transition from one stage of life to another easier and more pleasant. To help you stay independent for longer in the comfort of our senior residence in Tunisia.

Our bespoke services and assistance options allow you to enjoy your independence with peace of mind. If you would like a little extra help at our senior residence in Tunisia, whether it’s with meal preparation, laundry or house cleaning, we can provide short-term or ongoing assistance, depending on your needs. We also receive regular visits from health professionals to maintain your health and well-being.

We guarantee care for people with a slight loss of autonomy.

Our Tunisian retirement home “Residence Service Gammarth” offers you the possibility to choose the duration of your stay. The stays can be of a short duration (minimum 1 month) or long stays.


The senior retirement Home in Tunisia: How it works and its advantages


The senior retirement Home Tunisia welcomes more and more autonomous elderly people or a slight loss of autonomy. This establishment allows to remain autonomous while ensuring services in order to guarantee the well-being of its residents. Living in a senior residence in Tunisia is a solution for solitude while remaining independent

What is a senior service residence?

As opposed to the medicalized Ehpad – Establishments of lodging for dependent old people which are residences dedicated to the old people who cannot live any more without specific helps, a residence service senior is an establishment which accommodates autonomous old people or in light loss of autonomy, and wishing to preserve their independence, The seniors decide to settle in such a residence when their residence became too big, to reduce the isolation or still to protect themselves from a future loss of autonomy. The senior residence Tunisia is accessible to the more than 60 years valid which can find there a framework with family character with the maximum of comfort to continue to live in all autonomy while profiting from services of proximity and a shuttle service is placed at the disposal every day of the week.

The senior residence Tunisia is composed of rooms in the ground floor or the 1st floor where the elderly residents can enjoy their full independence in comfortable and secure housing. The senior residence Tunisia is composed of different types of individual rooms with a surface ranging from 22 to 35 m². The luxury senior residence Tunisia has an indoor heated swimming pool. It also offers common areas such as a restaurant, a lounge, a large garden and a medical centre in case of need. Care staff are always on hand to assist our residents with the most difficult things to do when you are elderly.

The advantages of the senior residence service in Tunisia

A good senior service residence is not only a convenient place to live, it is an environment in which you can pursue your passions and thrive. Our senior residence in Tunisia strives to provide the ideal lifestyle solution for seniors, with excellent gyms, healthy and delicious food and a comprehensive approach to health care. There are several advantages and features of living in a senior service residence Tunisia for the elderly.

Residents live in rooms in a hotel with a surface area of 22 to 35 square metres located on the ground or first floor.  They can take all the time they need to read, watch television and generally recharge in a solitary setting. They even have the option of having their meals in their suite if they feel unsociable or uncomfortable. In this way, they can access many shared resources such as entertainment, exercise classes and social activities.

Retirement communities have a very sociable atmosphere. They are specifically designed for residents to interact socially with each other and with staff. We encourage all older people to engage in social activities as they have many benefits. As seniors age, they can become lonely or disengaged, which is why our senior service home provides a variety of activities such as game nights, community style meals, weekly activities, physical exercise and social outings to create and maintain a social bond.

Our senior residence in Tunisia has a very strategic geographical location between the sea and the forest. Located on the Mediterranean coast, the residence gives direct access to a beach equipped with deckchairs and parasols, making this residence the ideal place to welcome you. Offering both a quiet and relaxing environment and proximity to shops, health and wellness services allowing our residents to shop or do activities.

The price of a stay in our senior service residence in Tunisia is very attractive, starting at 1300€ per month.  Retirees choosing Tunisia benefit from a tax rebate of 80% on the entire amount sent to Tunisia between the costs of the house and their personal expenses.

Med Assistance offers complete care for seniors in a senior residence in Tunisia: from reception to transportation, including daily care and accommodation in a prestigious residence.

The prices we offer are competitive. Indeed, we offer all-inclusive packages, including accommodation, travel arrangements and your stay. Med Assistance offers you one of the best value for money in Tunisia.

The team members of the senior service house are led by a French doctor.  They will provide you with advice and more details on these types of accommodation.

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