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Carpal tunnel surgery in Tunisia: what is the surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome in Tunisia?

Carpal tunnel surgery in Tunisia is a surgical procedure that treats carpal tunnel syndrome, a common condition that affects mostly women over 50 years, and manual workers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is triggered at night with annoying tingling in the hand, and more specifically in the first three fingers, namely the middle finger, index finger and thumb. Sleep is usually disturbed and you wake up with a feeling of numbness in your fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve located inside the palm of the hand is compressed. Passing through the carpal tunnel, the median nerve functions to provide sensitivity to the thumb, index and middle fingers as well as motor innervation to certain muscles of the thumb.

A slight movement of the hand usually frees the median nerve and is sufficient to restore normal sensitivity to the palmar surface.

However, it happens that the disorders become permanent and lead to a daily discomfort and embarrassment, or even a real handicap.

Surgery can then be proposed, especially if the pain persists despite a treatment that has lasted several months. The surgical intervention aims at freeing the median nerve and to lower the pressure in the carpal tunnel.

Cost of a carpal tunnel syndrome operation in Tunisia ?

Interventions Cost
Carpal tunnel syndrome Check cost here

Carpal tunnel surgery in Tunisia: what you need to know before you start

The first step in this orthopedic hand surgery procedure is the pre-operative assessment which includes an electromyogram (the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome is done by EMG) and sometimes an MRI. This assessment allows the surgeon to make a diagnosis and to ensure that surgery is necessary. This assessment also allows the surgeon to verify that your state of health authorizes this type of surgery and that you have no contraindications. The surgeon must also inform you of the risks, recovery time and cost of the procedure.

How is the carpal tunnel operation performed in Tunisia?

The surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome is done under locoregional anesthesia. It is done on an outpatient basis and takes about 1min.

The classic procedure begins with a small incision (3 to 4 cm) in the palm of the hand. This technique allows the orthopedic surgeon to cut the ligament, enlarge the canal and free the nerve.

Another technique can be performed under endoscopy. The surgeon makes one or two incisions of about 1 cm in the wrist and palm. This technique allows him to cut the flexor tendons in order to free the median nerve.

It is up to the surgeon to decide which technique is best suited to your case.

Post-operative follow-up of the carpal tunnel operation in Tunisia

Opération canal carpien Tunisie - Syndrome du canal carpien

An analgesic treatment will be prescribed to help reduce the pain.

Sensory disturbances may be felt during the first few days but they disappear quickly. The symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome (pain and tingling) also disappear quickly.

It is recommended that you use your hand normally during the weeks following the operation, while avoiding forced constraints (such as carrying heavy objects).

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