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Med Assistance offers you a comfortable and secure medical stay and puts at your disposal a palette of highly qualified surgeons, establishments at the cutting edge of technology and the most competent medical staff.

Specialized in aesthetic tourism, Med Assistance offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures in Tunisia that respect the strictest standards of medical ethics. If you are looking for a cheap medical stay in Tunisia in the best possible conditions, our clinic offers you an all-inclusive aesthetic stay (intervention, accommodation, travel and assistance) and quality services, performed by experienced surgeons.

What is a medical stay?

A medical stay in Tunisia is to benefit from the complete organization of your trip for a cosmetic surgery or others. 

The preparation of this medical stay starts from the first contact for estimate until your return. These steps include the preparation of the estimate, the opinion and indication of the surgeon, the preparation of your medical file with all the necessary analyses and ultrasounds, the planning of your flight and transfer to the clinic and the reservation of the hotel. This means that there is nothing left for you to manage. Your entire trip is pre-organized by your agency.

Why make a medical stay in Tunisia?

Deciding to choose Tunisia as a destination for a medical stay is based on several advantages: Tunisia is known for the quality of medical care and clinics at the cutting edge of technology in European standards.

Moreover, Tunisia is one of the pioneer countries in the field of cosmetic surgery and the organization of medical stays. In addition to the geographical proximity and the competence of its medical staff, a medical stay in Tunisia costs 50% less than in France with the same quality of service and a very satisfactory result.

Step 1

The first contact

Med Assistance provides you with a website, an e-mail, a phone number and a Facebook page to contact us and send us your requests.

Fill in the free estimate form with all the details about the desired cosmetic surgery procedure.

Step 2

Evaluation and overall care plan

With the surgeon’s diagnosis, we will send you a complete care proposal:
– A description of your hospital stay
– The description of your follow-up care if necessary
– Our personalized tourist offer.

Step 3

Planning your arrival

Once you have purchased your plane ticket, we organize the details of your stay in the best conditions.

We will send you by e-mail the schedule of your medical stay in Tunisia as well as the consultation appointment with your surgeon.

Step 4

Arrival and transportation

As soon as you arrive at the airport, we will take care of you and your family. An assistant will welcome you with a sign mentioning your name, he will be your companion and will be at your disposal throughout your stay. He or she will take you to the clinic and answer all your questions about your stay.

Step 5

Hospital stay

We will take care of your installation in the clinic and will facilitate the administrative part.
We will be present during the doctor’s visit and answer all your questions.
Before the operation, we will ensure your well-being by offering you the best service and assisting your companions.

Step 6


After the operation, we make sure that everything has gone perfectly. For the rest of your convalescence, the clinic’s representative will ensure your transfer to a prestigious hotel where luxury, calm and relaxation reign and respect for the quality of life of the patients. The clinic will organize your postoperative consultation with your surgeon as well as all the necessary care.

Step 7


At the end of your medical stay in Tunisia with Med Assistance, our assistant will accompany you to the airport of Tunis Carthage and will ensure your boarding.


Step 8

Long-distance follow-up care

As soon as you return home, you will have all the contact information you need to send us your comments or questions. Especially after an obesity operation, a dietary follow-up is imperative to continue losing weight.

We will always listen to you and answer all your requests.

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