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Lipofilling face Tunisia: what is face fat injection?

Facial lipofilling (or liposculpture) is a procedure that consists of the transfer and reinjection of your own fat to the areas of the face that you wish to increase and enhance (cheekbones, oval of the face, dark circles, etc.).
The goal is to correct the insufficiency of fat tissue on the face by reinjecting fat cells from more generous areas of your body (abdomen, inner thighs, etc.). This removal is done by liposuction.
Intended primarily to restore the shape and volume of the face, lipofilling can also be used to fill in and reduce certain wrinkles (particularly naso-labial folds).
Since the technique is definitive since the grafted cells are intended to live as long as the surrounding tissue, facial lipofilling represents one of the most effective and safest ways to restore the volume and contours of the face.

Lipofilling face price in Tunisia

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Aesthetic surgery reinjection of facial fat: what you need to know before getting started

The first step is the pre-operative assessment. The surgeon evaluates the characteristics of your face and your general state of health, and then identifies the donor areas to determine whether or not the operation is possible. He will then discuss with you the risks, recovery time and cost of the procedure.

The procedure of the injection of facial fat in Tunisia

One of the major advantages of facial lipofilling is that the fat is usually obtained under local anesthesia by liposuction. The operation is usually outpatient, but sometimes an overnight hospitalization is required. The duration of the procedure depends on the amount of fat to be re-injected and the number of areas to be treated. It can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
The necessary fat is obtained by limited liposculpture through one or more micro-incisions (3 to 5 mm), using a very fine suction cannula. The aspirated fat is treated by centrifugation, in order to isolate the intact fat tissue from the elements that cannot be grafted.
The fat cells are then injected through micro-incisions (1 mm), using micro-cannulas. These cannulas are of very small caliber in order to leave no trace.
The next step is to distribute the fat cells evenly. This step is very delicate and very important because it ensures that the injected cells are surrounded by and remain in contact with healthy tissue. In fact, it is these tissues that will provide the oxygen and nutrients necessary for these cells to survive.

After-effects of facial lipofilling operations in Tunisia

Lipofilling is not a painful procedure. Therefore, the pain felt is minimal. The physical recovery is generally fast.
Edema (swelling) occurs within 48 hours after the procedure. It usually takes 5 to 15 days to disappear*.
Bruises may also appear on the injected areas in the first few hours after the operation. They usually disappear after 10 to 20 days*.
It is recommended to avoid exposing the operated areas to the sun during the first month.

Lipofilling visage Tunisie - Injection de graisse visage
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