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Breast lipofilling Tunisia:

Breast lipofilling Tunisia, also called breast lipomodeling, is a breast augmentation technique by fat injection. It is an autograft of adipose tissue.

Thus, the excess adipose tissue on other parts of the body (usually the thighs, abdomen and buttocks) is removed by liposuction, before being purified and injected into the breasts.

Price of Breast lipofilling in Tunisia

The total costs for a breast augmentation by fat injection in Tunisia include:

The fees of the cosmetic surgeon (+/- assistant’s fees)
Anesthesiologist’s fees
Hospitalization costs at the clinic (includes operating room costs and pre- and post-operative care)
The bra provided following the intervention
The costs of the stay at the hotel
Transfer fees

The price of lipofilling is cheaper than the price of breast reduction Tunisia. Namely that this intervention is not covered by social security. Ask your consultant for an estimate for this operation.

Procedure Cost Stay in Tunisia
Breast lipofilling (Breast lipofilling with multi-zone liposuction) Check cost here 4 nights / 5 days

Who would benefit from lipofilling or lipomodelling of the breasts?

Breast lipofilling Tunisia is a cosmetic surgery that generally concerns round women who have lost mass in the breasts (following pregnancy, weight loss or because of age) and at the same time having localized fat deposits. It is also indicated for patients who have undergone breast ptosis. It should be noted that breast lipofilling in Tunisia requires that the patient presents a minimum of excess fat somewhere on the body in order to be removed and reinjected into the breasts.

Breast lipofilling is best suited for women who are happy with the shape and profile of their breasts, but simply wish to increase the size and volume of the breasts unlike the Tunisia breast reduction procedure.

This technique is also more appropriate for women who have implants and who would like to obtain a more natural appearance, or a closer neckline.

In some cases, patients who have a breast implant removed and who would like to have an extra size after the operation may be suitable.

However, this procedure of breast augmentation by fat injection in Tunisia is not suitable for patients who are looking for a significant increase in the size of their breasts or want to see a significant change in the shape or position of their breasts because lipofilling allows for a moderate breast enlargement. Mammary lipofilling Tunisia is not suitable for anxious patients who are not willing to undergo multiple procedures.

What are the advantages of breast lipofilling Tunisia?

Breast augmentation by lipofilling corrects defects in the shape, size or position of the breasts.

In addition to the expected natural results not exceeding an increase in volume of one to two cup sizes, there are several additional advantages compared to breast augmentation by breast prosthesis.

No incisions or scars
No foreign bodies are introduced into the body as this technique uses your own tissue instead of an implant, which gives a more natural and flexible effect.
Recovery time is fast because this technique does not require major surgery, making the procedure safer.
No complications compared to the placement of implants.
The fat removed from the donor area where it is present in excess helps to shape the body and refine this area of the silhouette.

What you need to know before a Breast Lipofilling Tunisia :

Many women who want to improve the appearance of their breasts may feel reluctant to undergo a breast augmentation operation for fear of introducing an unnatural foreign body into their body or in the case of a facelift or a breast reduction Tunisia for fear of keeping a large visible scar. Since complications may occur following breast implant surgery, we are pleased to offer our patients the option of a natural breast augmentation instead, which can be achieved by transferring unwanted fat from another part of your own body to the breasts. Breast lipofilling surgery in Tunisia is very safe and extremely satisfying for women who want to improve their appearance while keeping a natural look to their breasts.

The procedure, although a little complex to perform, is often less invasive for the patient’s body than breast implant augmentation, even with liposuction. This means that recovery is relatively quick in accordance with the body’s natural healing process, while discomfort is also significantly reduced, especially compared to that experienced with submuscular implants in particular. Breast lipofilling in Tunisia also spares you the risk of implant rupture or the need to change breast prostheses, because the results of a breast lipofilling procedure in Tunisia are essentially permanent once the transferred fat cells have developed a regular blood supply in the breasts. As you gain or lose weight in the months or years following a breast lipofilling procedure in Tunisia, your breasts will naturally grow or shrink as well.

A great advantage of an autologous fat injection procedure in the breasts is the fact that your breasts will have a soft effect and a natural result, not different from the way they felt before. Because the fat is transferred using a very thin cannula, there are also no remarkable scars in Tunisia breast lipofilling. Lipofilling increases the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. This effect is very remarkable on the face, it gives a vitalizing effect on the skin of the face.

Breast lipofilling Tunisia : Preoperative check-up

The first step in breast augmentation by lipofilling is the preoperative check-up. The surgeon will ask you questions about your general state of health. He will also perform a morphological examination of the breasts, and then he will identify fat reserves and donor areas in your body to determine whether or not the operation is possible. He or she will give you his or her opinion and then discuss the risks, recovery time and cost of the procedure with you.

How is the breast lipofilling operation performed in Tunisia?

Lipofilling seins Tunisie - Lipofilling mammaire Tunisie

Liposuction of excess fat on donor areas. This fat is collected in a sterile container and the non-fat cells are gently removed.

The reinjection of the harvested fat into the breast. This transfer is done using very fine cannulas, through 2 or 3 incisions.

The incisions made on both the breasts and the harvesting sites are each less than 1 cm long. They are closed with fine sutures to leave no visible scar.

Breast lipofilling surgery in Tunisia

Breast lipofilling in Tunisia is not a painful procedure. So the pain is really minimal and the physical recovery is generally fast. There is usually the appearance of edema (swelling) on the areas where the fat is removed and the areas injected, but it will disappear within two months.

A compression bandage will be placed on the breasts to hold them in place. It will be worn for the first week, after which it will be replaced by a medical bra. It will have to be worn day and night for a few weeks. A compression garment must be worn over the harvesting areas for one month (this garment is left in place by the surgeon at the end of the procedure). Bathing should be avoided for one month. Showers are allowed the day after the operation.

Possible complications

Regarding anesthesia: during the consultation, the anesthesiologist will inform the patient himself of the anesthetic risks.

It is important to know that anesthesia induces in the organism reactions that are sometimes unpredictable and more or less easy to control: the fact of having recourse to a perfectly competent Anesthetist, practicing in a truly surgical context, means that the risks incurred have become statistically very low.

Indeed, it is important to know that techniques, anesthetic products and monitoring methods have made immense progress over the last thirty years, offering optimal safety, especially when the operation is performed outside the emergency room and in a healthy person.

As far as the surgical procedure is concerned: by choosing a qualified and competent Plastic Surgeon, trained for this type of intervention, you limit these risks as much as possible, without however completely eliminating them.

*Disclaimer: the results may vary from one person to another depending on the morphology of the patients.

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